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5 Reasons That Explain Why Homes Don’t Sell

by: Jeff Quintin, on September 22, 2016 - Uncategorized

To sell your home in this day and age, it takes more than just sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign in your yard, listing it in the MLS, and praying like hell. If it was that easy, every home would sell. Some don’t, though, and it’s usually because of one or more of these five reasons:

    1. The home is overpriced. In today’s market, if you’re overpriced even a little bit, your home isn’t going to sell. Pricing your home correctly is the most important rule to follow in getting your home sold.
    2. The home has a bad presentation. A presentation must not only look nice and clean but also simplified. This means decluttering as well as cleaning.
    3. Ineffective marketing tactics. Properties absolutely must have a strong internet presence, because this is where the majority of buyers search for homes. My team is syndicated more than 400 websites alone, including the major ones like Zillow and Trulia. In addition to building a strong internet presence, you must have a Realtor who knows how to convert a buyer’s attention once they have captured it.

Let’s be honest – nobody wants to buy a dump.

  1. The property is in bad condition. Let’s be honest – nobody wants to buy a dump. Buyers will always be more attracted to a home that doesn’t need as much work.
  2. Sellers not listening to their agent. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but sometimes sellers can have too much of one. Being presumptuous about your home’s selling prospects can make you oblivious to important advice your agent might be trying to give you regarding market feedback.

I hope these tips have helped you today. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or send us an email. We look forward to our conversation being the best part of your day.