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Can You Trust Zestimates and Assessments?

by: lauren, on August 31, 2021 - faq The Quintin Group

Here’s why tax-assessed values and Zestimates are way off right now.

An interesting conversation we have all the time with our buyers has to do with the tax-assessed value and Zillow Zestimate of a home. Assessments in the city are way off. We currently have a listing with five offers. The assessed value of the property is $1.1 million, but the list price is $2.1 million. It’s going to end up selling closer to $2.4 million.

In this case, the Zestimate is relatively accurate at $2.1 million. However, with five competitive offers, it’s going to probably sell for about $300,000 more than what the Zestimate says. Typically, we’re finding that Zestimates are off by around 10%.

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