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How a Public Adjuster Can Help You Get More Money for Your Insurance Claims

by: Jeff Quintin, on December 3, 2012 - Uncategorized

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Our region was definitely hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and she did not spare much as she ripped through the Northeast recently. So when it becomes time to face the reality of all the damage done, one important aspect of the rebuilding process is to get in touch with your insurance company and claim your loss.
But in the wake of all the stress of what has happened with this, or any property loss, plus numerous industry and policy changes – are you sure you are up to getting the most out of your claim?
Foresight for Anticipated Damage in the Future
That’s where a qualified and experienced Public Adjuster comes in. What does a person in this role do exactly? Well, take our interview with Dennis Molette, well known and industry-revered expert with All Property Adjustment Service. In his 32 years of experience he has come to know of what to expect with nearly all types of property damage and corresponding claims. He knows how to foresee damage that can be anticipated in the near or mid-term future as a result of the loss and cites that on his reports.
In-Depth Knowledge and Up-Keep With Regulations and Policies
Additionally, the industry knowledge and upkeep with current regulation and policy trends helps his clients to receive the maximum amount of benefit possible on their claims. Regardless of the type of claim, a Public Adjuster with experience in dealing with countless such situations will know and recognize important details that might easily be missed by the average person.
The single most important goal for your adjuster is to get you the best recovery possible from your insurance carrier.
Speaking the Industry Language
Another very important reason to consider hiring a public adjuster is his or her ability to negotiate with those in the industry that are involved in your claim. Just the sheer fact that they speak the same language gives your adjuster a head start in the claim, being able to understand exactly what will pertain to the claim and what things should be ignored.  
The best part about using a Public Adjuster is that the costs are not passed on to you until your claim is processed and the insurance company pays you. Industry standards run anywhere from as low as 10-15% of the entire claim (as Dennis chooses to charge) or as high as 35% by companies that are less interested in their clients’ best interests. This contingency fee basis allows property owners to relax throughout the process and maximize their potential for income cash through an insurance claim.
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