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How the Jeff Quintin Real Estate Super Team is Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy

by: Jeff Quintin, on November 26, 2012 - Uncategorized

When Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeaston October 29 this year, little did anyone realize just how great the extent of damage would turn out to be as a result of the tropical storm. Countless communities found their lives suddenly changed with insurmountable damage done and a seemingly impossible feat of rebuilding ahead. And as one might expect, our coastal town of Ocean City, New Jersey was no exception.
To help in the cleanup and rehabilitation efforts, Realtor Jeff Quintin has paired up with the non-profit organization Ocean City, NJ CARE Project and several other local companies to provide relief to owners of investment properties. As these owners work to rebuild their homes and seek temporary residence during the rehabilitation process, Quintin has been able to connect rental property owners that are willing to donate their premises in the interim.
Sally Donnelly is just one of the many Ocean City residents that are benefitting from this and she cites this as one of the most humbling experiences she has ever had in her lifetime. She says this has allowed her to return to work and continue on living life as normally as possible while she works to re-establish her pre-Sandy life.
Quintin shares that there are approximately 150 families in Ocean City that have been displaced as a result of Hurricane Sandy and urges property owners to donate their vacant homes to assist these people. He is also working with the CARE project to recruit volunteers in cleanup efforts where he encourages anyone and everyone to