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Jeff Quintin Reviews Gary Strickland & Bob Boyer

by: Jeff Quintin, on October 27, 2014 - testimonial

Jeff Quintin Reviews Gary Strickland
How we helped Gary with his real estate needs by assisting him through closing

“We had very good results and couldn’t have asked for more. Frank was extremely helpful and he did a very good job. We had a couple of small issues with some things that were found during the inspection that the current owner didn’t want to repair. Frank and the closing team were able to make some phone calls and do some work in order to come up with a solution.”

Jeff Quintin Reviews Bob Boyer
How we helped Bob with his real estate needs with our great staff.

“Jeff is very professional and he stays on top of everything that’s going on during the settlement process. He has a great settlement clerk, his office is well staffed, and they’re all just so professional.”