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Many Property Owners Asking Themselves – Love It or List It?

by: Jeff Quintin, on May 1, 2012 - Uncategorized

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As homeownership and the business of interiors, aesthetics, curb appeal and all other things home-related become more popular each decade, some interesting concepts have sprung forth in the process.  Case in point, the TV show, “Love It or List It” that airs on HGTV. In case you have not seen the show, there is usually a couple or family that owns a home in need of some serious updating.  Either the owners have outgrown the space or they desire something better for the family. Typically, one owner wants to stay in the home and make the necessary repairs while the other wants to list it and find a new, better home.

Summer Months Peak Time for Coastal Resort Towns

When you are dealing with luxury resort, vacation and rental properties – now is the time where time is definitely of the essence.  Just like on the show, once everything is said and done the owners have to make the decision of whether to hang on to the property or to move on.

Where do you stand today with your property?  Are you in love with it and want to keep it for at least another round of vacation season before making a decision to sell or not?  Or are you ready to go for it, list the home and reap the benefits of increased buyer demand against fewer available properties on the market?  Either way, the time to decide is now.

Thirty Days Left of Strong Vacation/Rental Property Market Strength

With exactly one month left before market demand will dramatically shift, it is essential to assess your current situation and then decide whether to mobilize the opportunity that will only last a few more short weeks.  Even if you were considering placing your property on the market but are unsure – it is important to think about long term plans for the rest of the year.  Will you and your family be using the space or will you benefit by selling for top dollar now?

Demand Strong Now But It Will Not Last

Most vacationers love to have their properties available beginning in June but there is usually a sharp decline in demand at the beginning of summer.  Of course when there are more buyers vying for the same properties while at the same time fewer properties available – not only do prices spike but sellers enjoy other perks too.  Without the need to include seller concessions, and often getting multiple offers on one property – sellers that choose to list their home during this season also enjoy significant financial returns for selling at this optimal time.

Buyers Waiting to Buy Now

There are countless buyers waiting for the perfect properties to come their way – they are our clients and they are all waiting for their dream home to become available.  If selling your property is in the cards, contact me today. We will review your home, assess what your home may yield and come up with some numbers as to what the buyers we have on board would pay for your home.  But one thing is certain:  you must decide to either love it or list it.