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Sell Your South Jersey Home During the Holidays

by: Jeff Quintin, on December 9, 2015 - Home Seller Tips

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After the Thanksgiving break, the market has been stellar. We’re experiencing low inventory and demand is strong. Even though it’s the holiday season, there are several reasons to sell a home now. Here’s why.

We sold a property just before Thanksgiving. We listed on November 20th and sold it on the 23rd. We had two competitive offers and six showings. In only three days, it sold at $45,000 above the list price. Like many other properties, there are pockets in the market where inventory is low with strong demand.

Additionally, we sold a bay-front property. We also had two offers. The seller received $50,000 above the final counteroffer. This transaction happened for the same reason as above.

Lastly, we sold another property within ten days. We listed on October 22nd and sold on November 2nd. We sold that home for 96% of the original list price.

If you’re thinking about selling, list your home now! Don’t wait. Undoubtedly, buyers will compete for your property in a market with low inventory. This is a great opportunity that will fade as the weather gets warmer.

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