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Should You Do a Final Walk-Through?

by: lauren, on April 22, 2022 - Buyers in South Jersey Home Buyer Tips

If you’re a buyer, is it a good idea to do a final walk-through of the home?

Suppose that you’re a buyer who is in the process of purchasing a home. You’ve gone under contract, walked through the property several times, and now it’s almost time to close. Should you do a final walk-through?

We recommend giving your home one final sweep around 30 minutes before closing, especially if you’re in the secondary home market, where many homes are sold furnished. In the agreement of sale, you’ll typically have an exclusion list of items that the seller is expected to take with them. 

Unfortunately, sellers may forget what exactly is on that list or simply might not want to remove certain items. Doing a final walk-through will help you ensure that everything that’s supposed to be in the home is there and everything that isn’t has been removed.

“The best time to do a final walk-through is 30 minutes before closing.”

Another reason to do a final walk-through is to make sure that the repairs you requested have been completed. If something hasn’t been completed, you can escrow that amount from the seller’s proceeds and set the money aside so that you can make sure it gets done.

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