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Director of Sales
Job Profile

Job Standards

  • 1.    Primary Objectives – What are the major objectives or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job?
    •    Hire, train, consult and hold accountable all listings agents, buyer agents, Inside Sales Agent, Outside Sales agent, and expansion agents
    •    Prospect for seller & buyer leads, convert leads to appointments, and close appointments to agreements
    •    Provide high level fiduciary advice on pricing strategies and staging homes for sale
    •    Market the home as appropriate
    •    Responsible for identifying, contacting, and obtaining appointments with for sale by owners and expired, as well as maintaining consistent lead follow-up until the prospect list or decides not to sell
    •    Evaluate showing feedback and reevaluate pricing as needed
    •    Effectively negotiate, or oversee negotiation for sellers
    •    Consult with clients to ensure fiduciary service of the real estate transaction from intial contact through contract to close

    2.    Regular Work Activities – What are the most frequent and essential work activities in this job?
    •    Oversee all aspects of the sellers transaction from initial contact to contact to close
    •    Hiring, training, and consulting all listing agents, buyers agents, outside sales agents, inside sales agents
    •    Negotiating for sellers/buyers

    3.    Management Responsibilities – How many people and which roles will be directly managed by this person?
    •    Listing Agents
    •    Buyers Agents
    •    Inside/Outside Sales Agent
    •    Expansion Agents

    4.    Key Skills – What behavioral traits, attitudes, and skills are required?
    •    Strong written and verbal communication skills
    •    Exceptional organizational and time management abilities
    •    Calm under pressure
    •    Computer Skills

    5.    People Contacts and Interactions – What are the primary people contacts in this job (who, why, and how often)?
    •    Listing Agent – daily
    •    Listing Manager– daily
    •    Seller/Buyers- daily
    •    Inside/Outside Sales Agents
    •    Buyers Agent- daily
    •    Expansion Agents-Daily
    •    Closing Manager- daily

    6.    Compensation
    •    Commission and bonus structure TBD

    7.    Job Requirements – Experience, Training and Education
    •    High School graduate
    •    Real Estate License
    •    1-3 Years of industry and sales experience


The Director of Sales/Sales agent is an individual thrives on taking risk and facing challenges while maintaining a win-win, positive attitude. He/She is attracted to leadership roles, believes in achieving results through empowering others, and is well-liked for his/her optimistic, dynamic personality.  Ability to lead, train and build a team. Able to expand and keep sales team accountable and achieve the numbers to required to hitting goals.

The Director of Sales/ Sales Agent leads the team by hiring, training, consulting, and holding accountable all agents. In addition, he/she demonstrates on a daily basis the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits of a high achieving agents who is committed to putting clients first, and to doing the right thing, and to seeking a win-win agreements. The Director of Sales/ Sale Agent prospects for leads daily, closes those leads to appointments, closes appointments to agreements, and than provides high level fiduciary advice on pricing strategy and staging homes for the sale. Director of Sales/ Sale Agent prospects daily/weekly for those to join out team and in search at all times for positions on our growth organizational chart.

The Director of Sale/Sales Agent also demonstrates a commitment to learning and strives for growth by regularly attending course, teaching, and regularly practicing scripts and dialogues. He/She is committed to investing in team members and regularly provides them with learning and growth opportunities as well.