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Inbound/Outbound Sales Agent
Job Profile

Job Standards

1.    Primary Objectives – What are the major objectives or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job?
•    Maintain rigorous prospecting for new business opportunities
•    Achieve productivity, appointment setting, and revenue targets
•    Consult with real estate agents to ensure fiduciary service of the real estate transaction from initial contact through the listing agreements
•    Cultivate relationships to convert inbound leads to appointments
•    Manage the sales database through the sales cycle

2.    Regular Work Activities – What are the most frequent and essential work activities in this job?
•    Respond to inbound sales inquiries and outbound cold calling to convert leads to appointments
•    Manage cultivation of inbound sales inquires to convert leads to appointments
•    Follow scripts to deliver the team values proposition and handle objections
•    Qualify leads to accurately convey motivation, competition, and financial specifics to real estate agent
•    Conduct market analysis to help establish property values for potential buyers and sellers
•    Database management to ensure processes run smoothly and there is rigorous lead follow-up
•    Accurately track and report productivity and sales metrics
•    Understand and internalize evolving real estate trend in the local market
•    Understand and adhere to local, state and federal laws regarding real estate brokerage services.

3.    Management Responsibilities – How many people and which roles will be directly managed by this person?
•    None, though a talented performer in this role may move into a leadership position

4.    Key Skills – What behavioral traits, attitudes, and skills are required?
•    Strong written and verbal communication skills
•    Exceptional telephone skills- ability to set and close appointments over the phone and willingness to spend the majority of the workday on the phone
•    Ability to learn and internalize scripts and dialogues
•    Ambitious with proven ability to succeed
•    Learning Based
•    Team player

5.    People Contacts and Interactions – What are the primary people contacts in this job (who, why, and how often)?
•    Outbound leads- daily
•    Inbound leads- daily
•    Agents on team- daily
•    Direct manager-daily
•    Team Leader- weekly

6.    Compensation
•    Hourly rate, Bonuses, Appointment Setting, Contract Signed, Deal Closed

7.    Job Requirements – Experience, Training and Education
•    High School graduate
•    Real Estate License
•    Demonstrable record of sales success against quotas


The Outbound/ Inbound Sales Agent is passionate about achievement and draws energy from working with a people. This enthusiastic, self-starting person with a passion for selling is responsible for converting a massive amount of leads into appointments through personalized follow-up.

This individual will take ownership of leads, and actively systematize the conversation process for maximum effectiveness. They can record their productivity and sales metrics and tract their results in regular accountability meetings. This person has the drive and the tenacity to achieve or exceed productivity, appointment setting, and revenue targets while responding efficiently to customer inquires (usually in the form of a sales lead) and the subsequent documentation, assignment, and follow up on these leads.

This individual must be highly trustworthy— in addition to being the first point of contact to the team, they will also have access to sensitive files and information regarding associates, customers, and finances.

The Outbound/ Inbound Sales Agent’s activities directly affect the bottom line, and as such they are deeply committed to the team achieving greater and greater levels of success, as well as to growing their own skills and developing into a leader within the team.

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