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New Jersey brokerage honors coronavirus nurse with special giveaway

On April 21, 2020, The Quintin Group, a Keller Williams real estate team based in Ocean City, NJ delivered a smorgasbord of sandwiches, chips, cookies, and drinks to a Shore Memorial Hospital nurse and her entire team who are working on Covid19 patients.

Stirred by tear-filled social media video diaries from doctors and nurses and news reports attempting to capture the immense pressure the medical system is under, Jeff Quintin, CEO of New Jersey Keller Williams team Quintin Group, launched the “COVID Community Heroes” initiative.

“With what’s going on in this world and who’s actually still working and who are our real heroes, we said it would be a good thing to get the community involved,” he said of the initiative. “We wanted everyone to share who their favorite doctors and nurses were so we could go support them.”

Quintin’s team quickly launched a website that invited the local community in Ocean City, and nearby areas to nominate their favorite doctor or nurse to win a catered lunch. Over the course of four days, nearly 100 nominations poured in with heartfelt anecdotes about some of South Jersey’s best medical professionals.

“The nurse who won, Carmen, is a widow. Her husband was struck by lightning 10 years ago, so she’s a single mom, and she’s working on the COVID-19 floor,” Christina Sciarretta, regional director for The Quintin Group explained. “She got an overwhelming number of votes, and the things people were saying about her were amazing.”

“She said, ‘I never win anything’ when I called her about the award, but I told her that wasn’t really the win,” she added. “I told her, ‘The real win were things people said about you.’ People said she works tirelessly, she always has a smile, she has such compassion and dedication.”

“All of these things they said about her is what you’d hope someone would say about you,” she concluded.