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Regional Director of Expansion
Job Profile

Job Standards

1. Primary Objectives What are the major objectives or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job?

  • The Regional Director oversees the growth of the Region.
  • Adapts Hub systems for the Expansion Businesses in the Region.
  • Identifies new expansion locations within the Region.
  • Recruits talented potential Expansion Partners within the Region.
  • Maintains a common, consistent culture across the Expansion Businesses in the Region.
  • Ensures a high level of accountability and a focus on growth for all Expansion Partners.
  • Builds relationships with local Market Center leadership.
  • Serves as conduit between the Region’s Expansion Businesses and the Hub.
2. Regular Work Activities – What are the most frequent and essential work activities in this job?
  • Maintains a high-level, strategic plan for Regional growth.
  • Creates a clear growth path for all Expansion Partners in the Region, including First 100 Day and training paths.
  • Maintains consistent communication and accountability with all Expansion Partners (daily).
  • Builds relationships with expansion stakeholders, including Market Center leadership and select allied resources.
  • Consistently searches for high-level talent that can help lead the empire.
  • Identifies high potential locations for future expansions, researching how they fit with the overall growth strategy.
  • Builds the culture of the company, ensuring each Expansion Business is contributing to the culture of the Region and overall business.
  • Retains Expansion Partners through supporting their production, coaching and consulting as needed, and recognizing their success.
3. Management Responsibilities – How many people and which roles will be directly managed by this person?
  • Expansion Partners
4. Key Skills – What behavioral traits, attitudes, and skills are required?
  • Strong strategic, business-building skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and time-management abilities
  • Self-motivated and able to self-manage
  • Open to accountability and driven to excellence
  • Systems friendly
5. People Contacts and Interactions – What are the primary people contacts in this job (who, why, and how often)?
  • Expansion Director – daily
  • Expansion Partners – daily
  • Director of Operations/Hub Leadership – weekly/as needed
  • Market Center Leadership –biweekly/monthly
  • Local Business Leadership – as appropriate
6. CompensationFill in as appropriate for your Market Center and organizational structure.  Components to consider include base salary, health insurance, performance-based bonuses, Profit Share, and other employee benefits.


Job Requirements

Experience, Training, and Education – What prior work and life experience will help the person in this role succeed? (Education, industry specific, sales, administrative, management, customer service)
  • High school graduate
  • Real estate license
  • Demonstrated sales experience
  • Business and growth mindset


Behavioral Requirements

  1. Expansion Director – JAR = 9515
  2. Preferred DISC = DI



The Regional Director supercharges growth for the assigned Region. This individual is growth-focused and competitive, interested in developing the assigned Region. He/she is a location scout, finding the best geographic locations for expansion, and a talent scout, finding emerging and potential talent to drive growth. All of this is done under the leadership of the Expansion Director so that all Regions grow together. The Regional Director is an individual who faces challenges while maintaining a win-win, positive attitude. He/She is attracted to leadership roles, believes in achieving results through empowering others, and is well-liked for his/her optimistic, dynamic personality.

The Regional Director works with the Expansion Director to set clear goals for the growth of the Region, and hits these goals by succeeding through people. The Regional Director consults with the Expansion Partners on their local business, using clear growth paths and strong accountability to create growth. He/She works with the Expansion Director and the Hub to create a launch manual that captures the key aspects of being an Expansion Partner within this organization. The Regional Director is committed to developing opportunities for talented key hires. The Regional Director is learning-based, accountability-based, and committed to identifying and breaking through ceilings of achievement, both personally and for others.


Job Description

  1. Oversees all Expansion Businesses in the Region, ensuring they are profitable, service oriented, and culturally strong.
  2. Develops a bench of talent to grow future leaders and reduce the impact of turnover.
  3. Works with the Expansion Director to create a launch manual for Expansion Businesses. Gathers all related forms, checklists, and documented procedures performed by the original sales team. Provides any training needed to implement the systems within the manual.
  4. Determines potential expansion locations within the Region by researching the most likely options and performing due diligence regarding any concerns related to geography, market differences, and legal concerns.
  5. Works with Market Centers to find new Expansion Partners by creating win-win relationships centered on mutual value.
  6. Creates and monitors a prelaunch checklist to ensure a new Business is ready to launch. Utilizes a First 100 Days plan to ensure the launch remains on track.
  7. Leads Expansion Partners in annual and quarterly business planning.
  8. Holds Expansion Partners accountable to mutually agreed-upon standards.
  9. Develops the systems used by Expansion Businesses, sharing new best practices as they arise.
  10. Consults new Expansion Businesses with the Business Snapshot, training Expansion Partners in the business skills needed to grow the business.
  11. Maintains a common MVVBP and culture throughout Expansion Businesses.
  12. Requires all decision makers to be trained in Career Visioning.


Qualities of Top Regional Directors of Expansion

Is passionate about growth.
Is personally accountable to their own goals, and help others achieve theirs.
Knows the numbers, including financial data, growth trends, and efficiency statistics.
Maintains systems at a high level across businesses.


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